Thank you for a great 2012 season. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we will not be accepting any more internet orders until the beginning of May 2011. Please check back with us at that time.
    We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and
    look forward to serving you again in the Spring.

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Made in small batches with fresh cream and without any preservatives. Our fudge is smooth and creamy. We make it the old fashion way with only the freshest of ingredients. Fudge ships well in warm weather.

Creamy Penuche
1 lb Box   Plain Penuche $10.50
1 lb Box   Penuche Walnut $10.50

For The True Chocoholic
1 lb Box   Dark Chocolate $10.50
1 lb Box   Dark Walnut $10.50

This is definitely for the true peanut butter lover
1 lb Box   Peanut Butter $10.50
1 lb Box   Chocolate & PB $10.50

Creamy Milk Chocolate
1 lb Box Old Thyme Milk Chocolate $10.50
1 lb Box Old Thyme Milk Walnut $10.50

Sweet & Nutty
1 lb Box Maple Walnut  $10.50

Looking for Chocolate, Walnut, & Marshmallow?
1 lb Box Rocky Road $10.50

Simply The Best French Vanilla
1 lb Box French Vanilla $10.50

Chocolate, Coconut, & Almonds...Yum!
1 lb Box Almond Joy $10.50



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